Why Us

Beautylinker Paper Packaging Limited Guangzhou located in the traffic convenient and industry fully developed place Guangzhou Baiyun District Longgui Area, whose registered capital around USD1,500,000.
Beautylinker Paper Packaging Limited is one of the biggest producers in China. It has a GMP workshop with advanced equipment including automatic transverse cutting machine, automatic stamping machine, automatic assembling machine, automatic surface gluing machine, automatic indentation machine, up and down case machine, steel production line and so on. We have more than 200 skillful workers and we have the ability to produce 1 million cases per month, 90% of which export to USA and Europe.

Beautylinker adopt good quality paper which according with FSC standard as the basic material,  with leatherette paper, woolen paper, clothing, PU, PVC, leather, wood and bamboo, plastic, metal and so on material together, involved wood working, spray lacquer, electroplate, plastic injection, plastic uptake, acrylic, ultrasonic, screen printing, transfer printing, color printing and UV etc. technology, produce out  the elegant and unique cosmetic case specially eyeshadow case, blush case, watch case, gift case, wine and cigarette case, pen case, food and medicine case, clothing and shoes case and so on. We already set an agreement with the international cosmetics company such as P&G, Estee Lauder, L’oreal and so on.

We have our own sampling workshop, equipped with digital printer, automatic sampling cutting machine, film laminating machine, hot stamping machine and so on. We can finish a paper case sample within 1 hour with customer’s artwork or sample, we have one of the most professional sampling workshop in China as well. We already served more than 30 international brands since we established.

Business philosophy

Rules, responsibility, creativity and win-win

Why Paper Package

It’s clear, economic and recycle: paper package offer a clear advantage for brands and consumers. Consumers are increasingly aware of sustainability issues. Many are actively looking for eco-friendly packaging options and say that the packaging itself can impact their decision of whether or not to purchase a product. Savvy brands focus on consumer preferences and the advantages that paper package offer. And it is colorful and shapable, any color and any shape, they can meet your requirements. Paper package is an art if our life.

Engineering Service

To begin the package engineering process, send us your product as you pack it today. Our Package Engineers will create a custom pack design for your product using BEAUTYLINKER paper options. We will send the product back to you along with a report detailing the packaging process with images, as well as a real package sample for the product and a cost analysis of the package.

By analyzing your current packaging and benchmarking it against our design, Beautylinker ensures that you are receiving the best possible package design for your product. This may also include performance testing/analysis, estimated cost of current packaging materials and new box specifications, if necessary.
Our Package Engineers will conduct tests to ensure that the package design being tested will perform well in your distribution environment. Our lab features a drop tester, a vibration table and a thermocycling chamber,
 as well as other sophisticated equipment designed to ensure that the packaging design being tested meets your needs and carrier requirements.


Use Renewable Materials
All our paper and paperboard is made with renewable material from the suppliers who execute with FSC standard. We believe that renewable means more than just regrowth. It involves other elements such as utilization of responsible forestry practices and minimizing environmental impacts. Healthy forests also minimize erosion and provide habitat for many species and ecosystems. This provides us with a source of renewable material for our products while protecting wildlife, soils, and water quality.
Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Policy

At Beautylinker Paper Packaging, we understand that it is vital that we conduct our business in safe and healthful workplaces, manage natural resources wisely, and continually improve our environmental, health, and safety performance.
Workplace Safety Initiatives
We are committed to achieving zero injuries in our workplaces and managing a sustainable business.
We organize safety committees to plan and track safety initiatives.
We audit our facilities to ensure compliance with corporate and OSHA guidelines.
We benchmark with other facilities to identify best practices and share what we learn with all facilities.
We provide continuous safety reminders to raise all Beautylinker Packaging employees’ safety awareness.

Visit Factory

Beautylinker invite you as a visitor on the factory floor, your guided tour will show you how our paper package art come to life through the hands of the craftsperson. Explore the paper art of Beautylinker, from a common case to a big paper tube for industrial use. Follow a paper product from rough paper to a finished product which requires more than 20 steps to c omplete. Please feel free to email to info@beautylinker.com for reservation.