Wood & Bamboo

Solid wood and density board both use for case. But solid wood and bamboo is similar, they are too heavy and not environment friendly. So density board is used commonly in the case because it is thin, light, tough and erect, when with different craft, it can be match with wood, PVC, clothing or leather and so on.

Leatherette Paper

Leatherette Paper also call touch paper, it’s surface through special handle and make it soft, touch well, vivid color and like leather, their surface can be with screen printing, foil stamp or UV and so on, it is perfect for handbag, book case, jewelry and gift case.

Flock Paper

Flock Paper also call electrostatic flocking paper, it has vivid color and high resilience just like a blanket. Flock short hair onto the paper surface with electrostatic function. It used widely in the prize and gift case, certification case and high glass craft product.


lothing is not only apply on the garment but use a lot in the case package, it is soft, touch well, dedicated and warm.


From the real animals, use for high class package surface or inlay.

PU Polyurethane

PU is abbreviation of the word Polyurethane, it is call copy leather. When comparing with real leather, this PU is very good instead because it is cheap and easy to maintain and have the very similar result with real leather.


The abbreviation of the word Poly Vinyl Chloride, it is cheaper than PU. But it is use a lot in the case surface and inlay because of the low cost and it is also look like duplication of leather. Because is not so good as PU. Here we only introduce it’s another performance: Transparent material as case window.